LSP 32: Remember, You’re Bob

Your favorite Garbage Voyagers embark on a most daring journey into the depths of online, fan-made choose your own adventure games.  They’re joined by Dumpster Dilettante John Zdrojeski as they brave the high seas, 19th century London, and a… beehive?  Brought to you by socks and good music.

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LSP 31: Teen Scene Ponzi Scheme

Last year, The Garbage Boys took a deep dive into the hellscape of monologues written for teens.  This time, they’re diving even deeper and mustering up their acting chops to tackle some two-person scenes for teens.  Like the monologues, these scenes are not from plays, but a magical database full of standalone pieces written by–um, whoever, it would seem.  Buckle up, Lonestarinos, Oscar season is only nine months away.  Brought to by… a very mature joke made by two adult men.

LSP 30: Lone Star Does Five Star #6

The tradition is back, Lonestarinos.  Join Ben and Alex as they take a break from all the garbage to talk about things that are not garbage: things like SXSW, Beirut, Chase Iron Eyes, trail mix, Sekiro, Happy as Lazzaro, life without booze, and the Democratic field.  Eclectic and joyful as ever.  Brought to you by jokes.

LSP 29: Don’t Mind the Gap

On today’s episode, your premier purveyors of garbage content are joined by in-house Lone Star Reality TV Consultant Maggie McCaffery to talk about “Age Gap Love,” a British reality show that’s about exactly what it sounds like.  Love is blind.  Sometimes really, really blind.  Brought to you by hamburgers.

LSP 27: I Am The One Who Barks

One year ago, Alex and Ben first ventured into the talking animal purgatory that is the “Buddies” series and promised they would return to it when the time was right.  That day has come.  In this episode, we take a closer look than anybody has probably ever taken at “Treasure Buddies,” the “Indiana Jones”-ish, straight-to-DVD “Air Bud” knock-off you never knew you needed to see.

LSP 26: Yuge Comeback

Your premier purveyors of garbage content are back and we’re kicking off the reboot by taking on the King of Crud, The Sultan of Sewage, The Dictator of Debris: Donald J Trump.  It was about time.  But we’re not here to take down the presidency–we’ll leave that to Bob Mueller.  No, friends, we went to Trump Grill at Trump Tower.  We ate the food.  We went to the MAGA store.  We’re here to tell you about it.  Strap in, Lonestarinos, it’s as bad as it sounds.