LSP 13: The Gentleman from Cleveland and The Gentleman from Wethersfield

In the shadow of recent incidents, the LSP team has decided to take a closer look at members of the U.S. Congress who have received the highest contributions and ratings from the NRA.  Today, Ben sits down with special guest John Zdrojeski to debate what exactly defines a Lone Star Politician™ and which Reps and Senators out of our firearms-funded selection fit the bill.

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LSP 12: Younghusbands and Wives (Reality Check Check Check)

Today, Ben and Alex are joined by special guest Maggie McCaffery as they venture into the Holy Grail genre of garbage content–reality television.  On the menu: “Unveiled,” a makeover show about brides-to-be who undergo cosmetic surgery to look perfect for their wedding day, and “Canada’s Worst Driver,” a competition show that’s exactly what it sounds like.

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