LSP 26: Yuge Comeback

Your premier purveyors of garbage content are back and we’re kicking off the reboot by taking on the King of Crud, The Sultan of Sewage, The Dictator of Debris: Donald J Trump.  It was about time.  But we’re not here to take down the presidency–we’ll leave that to Bob Mueller.  No, friends, we went to Trump Grill at Trump Tower.  We ate the food.  We went to the MAGA store.  We’re here to tell you about it.  Strap in, Lonestarinos, it’s as bad as it sounds.

Lone Star Update

Hey folks!  We’re going to be off the air for about a month so we can focus up on some of our own projects, plan our next batch of garbage adventures, and make the next 25 episodes even better than the first.  Thanks so much for hanging with us through our first stretch!  Your listenership means the world to us.  Catch ya on the flip side, LoneStarinos!


LSP 25: Lone Star Does Five Star #5

It’s a historic day folks: it’s the FIFTH Lone Star Does Five Star special.  Five for five, baby!  Five on five!  High five!  We’ll put five on it!  Five in one, half a dozen… um, is actually more than five, but we digress.  Join Alex and Ben as they dig into the finest of finer things, including tattoos, school fairs, college concerts, the Persona series, James Blake, “Who Is America,” “The Wilderness,” “Nanette,” and doing what we love to do.  Brought to you by Alex’s mom just in the nick of time!

Lone Star Five Star.jpg

LSP 24: Gotta Catch… Most of Them!

Some are adorable.  Some are mighty and fearsome.  Some are… useless, racist, and/or look like Harvey Weinstein?  This week, join Ben and special guest Harrison Bryan as they figure out which Pokemon you should not “travel across the land, searching far and wide” for.  Brought to you by electric fly swatters.  Shout outs to the “Who’s That Pokemon” podcast!

Ep24 Pic.jpg

LSP 23: Not ‘Robo Cop’

When the bright minds over at Blumhouse brought us masterpieces like “Get Out” and “Whiplash,” we almost forgot that they also brought us schmaltzy horrors like “Stranded,” “Mockingbird” and all 700 “Paranormal Activities.”  From this lineage spawns the recent box-office buster “Truth or Dare,” a film whose title… pretty much tells you what you need to know.  Join Alex and special guest Larry (spoiler alert: it’s his dad again) as they DARE to uncover the TRUTH beneath this Lone Star horror show.

Ep 23 Pic.jpg

LSP 21: Git Her [The Toxic White Supremacist Patriarchy] Done!

There are many Lone Star quality comedy specials out there, but for this episode, we thought we’d reintroduce some familiar faces: Jeff Foxworthy and Larry the Cable Guy.  Coming at you live from inside the “Liberal Bubble” (which, we come to learn, is not really much of a bubble), Ben and Alex unpack the racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, and generally marginalizing dumpster fire that is “We’ve Been Thinking.”  Available now on Netflix.

Ep 21 Pic.jpg