LSP 24: Gotta Catch… Most of Them!

Some are adorable.  Some are mighty and fearsome.  Some are… useless, racist, and/or look like Harvey Weinstein?  This week, join Ben and special guest Harrison Bryan as they figure out which Pokemon you should not “travel across the land, searching far and wide” for.  Brought to you by electric fly swatters.  Shout outs to the “Who’s That Pokemon” podcast!

Ep24 Pic.jpg

LSP 7: Game Over, Dad!

In this episode, Alex and fill-in garbage purveyor Larry (#spoileralert: it’s Alex’s dad) break down the recent Netflix original movie “Game Over, Man!”  Join us as we treat ourselves to some of the better-smelling trash that the pod has to offer.  Caution: awkward father-son dynamic when discussing graphic scenes of sex stuff.

game over man.jpg