LSP 9: Lone Star Does Lone Star #1

The boys are reunited on the same coast for this special episode of the pod.  Think of it as an open forum of garbage content: Alex and Ben make lists of things that they hate, surprise each other with them, and discuss.  From beer brands to political philosophy, join us this week as we talk about things over which we have little to no authority.

Lone Star Does Lone Star.jpg

LSP 8: Break Out Your Future Card!

Playwright, activist, and fellow trash aficionado Sam Tilles joins Ben and Alex today to talk about one of their favorite pieces of garbage content: “Future Card Buddyfight,” a Yu-Gi-Oh-esque anime laden with delightful mistranslations and mind-boggling world mechanics.  Join us as we break open the walls of the cave and fight on with all of the great skills that we have.


LSP 7: Game Over, Dad!

In this episode, Alex and fill-in garbage purveyor Larry (#spoileralert: it’s Alex’s dad) break down the recent Netflix original movie “Game Over, Man!”  Join us as we treat ourselves to some of the better-smelling trash that the pod has to offer.  Caution: awkward father-son dynamic when discussing graphic scenes of sex stuff.

game over man.jpg

LSP 6: Kings of Scrunk

Today, Alex and Ben try to figure out exactly which kids Brokencyde are referring to with their 2009 scrunk opus “I’m Not a Fan, But the Kids Like It:” a punk, metal, hip-hop Frankenstein of an album (if Frankenstein was a fifteen-year-old racist with phallic insecurities) that emerges as a contender for the trashiest Lone Star content yet.


LSP 5: Lone Star Does Five Star #1

Need a breather from all the garbage?  We thought so.  On every fifth episode, Alex and Ben treat you (and themselves) to a “Lone Star Does Five Star” special, where they surprise each other with a list of things that they love.  Join us this week as the boys talk movies, music, video games, politics, pizza, and a special someone.

Lone Star 5 Star.jpg

LSP 2: The Pixie Stick In Your Child’s Eye

Today, Alex and Ben dive into the talking-animal purgatory that is “Super Buddies,” a straight-to-DVD children’s movie from the creator of “Air Bud.”  Join us as we reflect on a career dedicated to this ultra-niche genre and the proverbial sea of Big Macs in which we are drowning our children.